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FAQThese FAQ are in no particular order.

1. Why do you teach Latin?

Latin is a powerful vocabulary builder since over 50% of our English language derived from Latin not to mention it has resounding application in any career field that involves speaking.  Please see our Why Latin? page for a more complete answer to this question.

2. What athletic league is Providence in?

Georgia Independent Christian Athletic Association

3. My children haven’t had any Latin. Can they still attend Providence?

Yes.  Our students take Latin throughout the various academic levels however a student can easily jump into the Latin program at any point.

4. Are there scholarships available to help with the cost of tuition?

Please visit our financial aid page at this location

5. How can I learn more about classical education

Visit the Association for Classical and Christian Schools at

6. What donations to the school are tax-deductible?

Financial gifts given to the school are considered tax-deductible.  Gifts given directly to staff members or families are not tax-deductible. Tuition and fee payments are not tax-deductible.